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    • Our foundation for the Trans Am Racing 408ci stroker is a 1980s-vintage 351W block that has been properly modified. It has been bored .030-inch oversize and line-bore checked. It had its decks milled, its cylinder skirts notched, and it has also been thoroughly cleaned. Now we’re ready for assembly. This is not a roller block.
  • Available Bore Sizes: 4.030", 4.040", 4.060" Components rated at 600 Horsepower; PRO STREET Engine Kit - Ford 408W Flat Top -4.0cc

Ford 351 bore and stroke

Wiseco Ford Small Block 302/351 Windsor 4.060in Bore 3.400in Stroke -14cc Dish Piston Kit. 5 sold in last 16 hours. Brand: Wiseco. SKU: WISK0161X6. availability: Special order, usually ships in 2-3 weeks. However, if the manufacturer has this item in stock we can normally drop ship it directly to you within 3-5 business days.

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  • New high-tech 80-60-06 cast steel cranks offer superior fatigue resistance. These will hold up to the demands of circle track racing without breaking the budget. The 351W stroker used with 351W rods and 302 pistons, yields 396 cubic inches. Fits early and late motors. This crankshaft is an externally balanced style crank and requires the use of a 28 oz. balancer.
  • CP Pistons Ford Small Block Windsor 302/351 4.030 Bore/3.250 Stroke/5.400 Rod 20° Inverted Dome Type Forged Pistons
  • As shown, compression height is the distance between the centerline of the pin bore and the top of the piston. To determine the compression, three things about the engine must first be known: block height, connecting rod length and crankshaft stroke length.
  • Mfgr CID Liters # Cyl Bore Stroke Mfgr CID Liters # Cyl Bore Stroke Amc 304 5 8 3.75 3.438 Chrysl 392 6.4 8 4 3.9 Amc 360 5.9 8...
  • 427 Small Block Ford Pump Gas Short Block, Priced From: $6,295 Custom Built by Shafiroff Racing Engines and Components ... Bore & Stroke Compression Ratio 4.125 x 4.000 See Chart Below Chamber Vol. ... Dart SHP 9.5" Block w/Splayed 4 Bolt Steel Billet Main Caps (1) Lunati 4340 4.000" Forged Steel Crank w/351 SVO Mains Molnar 4340 H-Beam Rods w ...
  • BluePrint Engines 408 c.i. small block Ford style stroker crate engine - longblock. Includes 30 month / 50,000 warranty & BPE Dyno Promise. Part #: BPF4088CT
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  • Fordstrokers, your source for small block ford stroker engines. 331-347-363-393-408-427
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  • BOSS 351 Cylinder BlOCk 9.5" deck M-6010-boss35195* The legend is reborn with this all-new 351 block! Stronger than the original! • 4.125" bore capacity (sonic check recommended), finished at 3.990" to 3.995" rough bore "or the " BOSS 351 Cylinder Block 9.5" deck Big Bore M-6010-boss351bb* The all-new 351 9.5" deck block for big bore builds!
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    438 cubic inch Big Bore Windsor stroker kits are based on 4.125 bore 351 aftermarket engine blocks and a 4.100 stroke crankshaft. They are a perfect replacement for the 351 if you want the increased power and torque you get from a larger engine. Street engines will require a 72cc combustion chamber to keep compression ratios in the 11.2:1 range.A stock 351C engine's arm is 1.75 inches long, which means the 351C engine has a 3.50-inch stroke. If you add 1/4 inch to the arm, you increase the arm length to 1.875 inches. That means you have 3.750 inches to achieve 377 ci with the standard 4.000-inch bore. This gives you 40 additional foot-pounds of torque.

    The cylinder bore size for the 351 is 4.00 inches. The stroke, which is the length of travel for the piston in its cylinder bore, is 3.50 inches. Ford's Voodoo V-8 Is the Most Interesting Engine of the Year. The new rev-happy 5.2-liter V-8 in the Mustang Shelby GT350 is one of the most compelling reasons to visit a Ford dealership in 2016 ...

    351 Cleveland/Windsor Stroker kit includes: 4340 Forged crankshaft (90% possible internal balance without adding heavy metal) Forged H-beam rods W/ 7/16 ARP 2000 bolts (Exclusive Centralign design) Custom forged CP-Bullet flat-top pistons; King performance rod and main bearings; CP (Mahle/NPR) ring set, 1.5MM, steel top ring, Napier 2nd ring ...

    Nitrous. Piston Features: 3D milling on piston crowns for ready to install finish. Dome designed to work with most TFS Highport cylinder heads. Top ring down dimension: .325" (.290" on 1.090CD) Ratios figured for .041 head gasket @ 8.200 Deck & 9.500 Deck. Premium ring package .043 x .043 x 3/16 ring package.

    Mfgr CID Liters # Cyl Bore Stroke Mfgr CID Liters # Cyl Bore Stroke Amc 304 5 8 3.75 3.438 Chrysl 392 6.4 8 4 3.9 Amc 360 5.9 8...


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    • Hi first time on this forum and I would like to know the bore limit ,or safe limit of the 1997 351W lightning block.I have a 420ci strocker which produces 665hp with a 4.100stroke 4.040bore .After craking a piston using 500 shot of N02 I bought a probe 60 over piston. I know it will work just...
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    • The Ford engine family tree has a lot of branches. You've got the venerable Windsor small block, plus the 385-series and FE-series big block branches, along with a trio of 351 engines—the 351 Windsor, Cleveland, and Modified.We're now into the overhead-cam Modular motors, which advanced the Ford V8 into the 21st century.. So, we thought it might be helpful to assemble a handy bore and ...


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    The engine is topped off with high port/high flow Ford Performance Z-Heads. Every Ford Performance Z460 engine is hand-assembled in the US with strict performance clearances. Specifications: - Ford Boss 351 block with 9.5" deck height - Displacement: 460 cubic inches - Bore x Stroke: 4.150" x 4.250" - SCAT forged steel crankshaftRead Book Ford 351 Windsor Engine SpecsWindsor, Canada. Ford began manufacturing the engines in 1969 and continued using the engine in Ford vehicles until 1995. The Ford 351W was used in a variety of vehicles, from the Mustang to the F350. Ford 351W Specs | It Still Runs Ford offered two versions of the 351 engine, a Windsor 351 and a Cleveland ...

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    • Ford 351 Windsor: High Compression: 351 - Dome Top: 1.757 C/H - 4.030 Bore - 12.00CC - #80561 Whats Included: Complete Set Of Pistons, Locks & Pins Application: Recommended for Applications Using Nitrous (Up To 250HP Shot) / Not Recommended For Forced Induction
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    • Je Pistons For Ford 351 Stroker 4.030 Inch Bore 4.000 Stroke 170393 $952.55 Je 4.040 9.81 Inverted Dome Pistons For Ford 351w 6.200 Rod 4.000 Stroke $943.89 Auto Tec Small Block Ford-351 Cleveland Flat Top Pistons $1,016.60 Ford 351 2.75 Main 468 Scat Stroker Kit Forged Dish Pistons H-rods Balanced ...
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    • Boss 351 Engine Block Ford Performance has developed this Boss 351 engine block to replace the older legendary boss 302 and 351 blocks. ... - 4.125" bore capacity, finished at 3.990" to 3.995" rough bore ... - Maximum recommended stroke 4.250" - Splayed 4-bolt main on 2, 3, 4, main caps - 2-bolt main on 1 and 5 main caps - Main bearing bores ...
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    Also, when a stroker crank is used with a big bore it adds more inches than with a smaller bore. An example here shows the difference. Assuming a 3.48-inch stroke as a starting point, installing a 3.85-inch stroke crank in a small-block Chevy with a 4.03-inch bore results in 37.8 extra cubes.

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      • The 351W has a taller deck height to increase the stroke. While all 289, 302 and 351 Windsor's share a 4″ bore, the 351W engine has many changes that set it apart from other Windsor engines. The intake, heads, pushrods, block height, and firing order are just a few of the more notable differences between the 351W and other 4″ bore Windsor ...
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      To achieve the 351's displacement, Ford had to raise the 302's deck 1.28 inches to accommodate the 3.500-inch stroke. Bore size remained the same at 4.000 inches. To improve power, smoothness, and reliability, Ford gave the 351W a different firing order than the 221, 260, 289, and 302 engines.

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      • Trick Flow Specialties TFS-51604331-125 - Trick Flow® PowerPort® Forged Pistons for Ford Clevor. Pistons, Forged, Dished, 4.125 in. Bore, 1/16 in., 1/16 in., 3/16 in. Ring Grooves, Ford, 351, Cleveland, Set of 8. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. Estimated Ship Date: Monday 9/27/2021
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      New high-tech 80-60-06 cast steel cranks offer superior fatigue resistance. These will hold up to the demands of circle track racing without breaking the budget. The 351W stroker used with 351W rods and 302 pistons, yields 396 cubic inches. Fits early and late motors. This crankshaft is an externally balanced style crank and requires the use of a 28 oz. balancer.Fordstrokers, your source for small block ford stroker engines. 331-347-363-393-408-427
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      • Main; ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Ford 390 4 Barrel Carburetor; Ford 390 4 Barrel Carburetor
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      it used a cast iron block with a bore of 4.235 and the stroke was a 3.785. (joe)>> we're gonna build our own version of a 427, a modern version, starting with this new boss 351 block. it's bores measure 4.125 inches and come stuffed with forged moly pistons.

    An engine is called a 'Square Engine' when its cylinder bore diameter & stroke-length are almost equal which forms a geometrical figure of a perfect 'square'. The bore-stroke ratio is almost 1:1 in Square engine design. For e.g. an engine with a bore diameter of 83mm and stroke-length of 83mm which forms a perfect square.
    • 36 Posts. #3 · Mar 27, 2004. 347. 347's vs 351? 351 is a much better, much stronger block and crank and a much better rod to stroke ratio. 347's are good for packaging and power but they don't last like a 351w would, the power is about equal amybe a bit more for the 351w all things being equal. 331 is the way to go in a 302 block.
    • Big block Chevy bore and stroke Engine block casting numbers Oval port head casting numbers Rectangular port head numbers Big block Chevy valve covers Big block Chevy resources Some related pages on Roadsters.com: 1932 Ford roadster project 1932 Ford three-window coupe project Big block Chevy engine projects Chrysler Hemi engines Corvettes ...